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St. Agnes Mission Circle

Fr. Alvin Platon's Mission in Philippines

Parish of St. John the Evangelist Cathedral, Dagupan City, Philippines,
Fr. Alvin Platon, O.P. Order of Dominicans
Type of Mission: Parish & School - Year Support Began: 2009
Fr. Alvin assisted Fr. Mel Collier here at St. Agnes in 2007. Fr. Alvin is a young priest who hosted the Archdiocese of Lingayan-Dagupan youth day 2009. See: for more information.

On Sun, Dec 25, 2011 at 9:39 PM, Alvin Platon wrote:

Dear Conrad,

Thank you for the financial assistance that we have again contributed. By the way, I am now transferred to another parish- St. John the Evangelist Parish. The financial assistance you have given will still be used for the catechetical formation and training of all catechists of my new parish. The only difference between my former parish and my new assignment is that I have a good number of volunteer catechists now than in my old parish assignment. Rest assured that the donation you regularly send is used for our Pastoral and Catechetical Programs of the Parish.

The preparation for our celebration of christmas was so busy. We usually have the traditional nine days novena or the so-called "misa de gallo" masses which is celebrated at dawn around 4AM. We shall celebrate the Feast of St. John the Evangelist and Apostle tomorrow Dec. 27. I' d like to extend my warmest greetings to all the members of St. Agnes Mission Circle. I still continue to celbrate masses for all the intentions of the members of Mission Circle. May the Good Lord bless you always and forever.

Have a Happy and Holy Christmas!

Fr. Alvin

On Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 10:58 PM, Alvin Platon wrote:

Hello Conrad,

Thank you for your continued support to our Parish Projects and Mission. Regarding the retitling of my bank account to Holy Cross Parish, I am not sure if I could request the bank to change the account name. I have to ask the assistance of Francine to ask Usbank for that matter. I recently checked my account and your deposit has been accounted. Thank you to all the members of St. agnes Mission Circle for their untiring support and assistance.

Just to update the Mission Circle, the financial assistance you have been sending has greatly improved our parish church and also we have started building small chapels in the villages. Your financial donation also has helped shoulder the expenses of our catechists for their ongoing formation and training. I need the assistance of the catechists for our youth and adult catechism in the 22 villages that the parish has. There are still plans to be done but with people like you willing to help out, all things are possible.

Since I came to the Parish four years ago (July, 2007), I have been blessed by your generosity and love for the needy parish communities around the globe. I hope and pray that I be worthy steward of your donations to our people. As our expression of gratitude, I have always reserved the month of September as a month for the St. Agnes Mission Circle. This means that for the whole month of September, intentions of all members of the Mission Circle are included in the daily masses. I wish that our prayers for you and your family be a reward for your goodness.

In the name of the Parishioners of the Holy Cross Parish, I thank you so much!

Fr. Alvin Platon


I'll be sending pictures soon for the newsletter


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