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St. Agnes Mission Circle

Father Luis alfonso Segura, MSC, Mission in Colombia

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish - Jamundí, Colombia
Fr. Luis Alfonso Segura - Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
Type of Mission: Seminary, Parish work and school
Year Support Began: 1979
See: (in Spanish)

January 11, 2012

Some need for chapel
Dear St. Agnes Mission Circle,

Greeting from our community in Colombia. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a happy and wonderful new year. All our students including me were out of Bogota for the christmas mission. We went to a different towns and share with many people the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and his birth. I went to a town called Cajibio which is like 14 hours far from bogota by car. It is a town where most of the people are farmers and also there are some native people that live there, because there have been to much raining the condition of the roads are very bad, most of the time we had to move from one side to other by motorcycle. People were very happy with our mission. On the other hand. I am sending you a picture of our chapel. The project is almost completed but we have some needs.

Windows and glasess $ 5.000
chairs and table $ 15.000
Lights, electricity and sound $ 5.000

If you can help us in any way we will be very grateful to you and your mission. Thanks for all your support and may god continue leading you and your people.

Father Lucho, msc

July, 2011
Dear Mission Circle.

Thanks so much for your quick answer. I am glad that you want to know more about the works we are doing here in Colombia. As I wrote to you before we are building a chapel and also in the future we want to build a retreat house in our farm. This farm was bought some years ago when father Fath used to live here. The idea of buying that farm was to provided some fresh food for our seminarians. at this time we don´t received much food from there, but we have some cows that provide us some milk. That chapel that we are building has the objective of helping people to have a space to find god´s love. Our idea is to term in the future that farm as a retreat space. I saw your magazine, those pictures are very old, we will send you some more recents picture and in a short future I wil tell you what are we doing now if you want to change the focus of what you say there. (For me is not easy to write in English so you can change what I write into a good English). I want you to thank again for all the support you have given us through this year. I also want to say that those $ 500 that ypu are going to send are going to be used in that chapel. We will be praying for you and your mission.

Fr. Luis alfonso Segura

This show some people carrying the passion of Christ

Some of our priest and religious with temporal vows


July, 2011
Dear Mission Circle.

Receive a hug and greetings from our community Missionaries of the Sacred Heart from Colombia.

We are glad for the help you have sent us through this year.

I am you to know that this year we are building a small chapel and a multipurpose room in a small town of Colombia, which is called Subia, this is one and a half hour from bogota, which is the capital of this country. We also have there a small farm that provide some food for our seminarians. In order to build in the future a retreat house we have begun to build that chapel to have and space to offer to the catholic people in colombia for nurturing their faith. We have begun the project but we need some help to continue it. If you can help us in some way that will be great for us.

I am sending you a picture so you can know how is the project until now. We need some help for the roof, for the second floor, for chairs, for the sound, and for some walls.

May God bless your life and all the work you do in order to made God known in everywhere

Thanks so much.

Fr Luis Alfonso Segura ibarbo, msc

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