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Religious Education
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Religious Education

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Mission Statement:

To help our students encounter Christ and grow in a relationship with Him. 

Faith Formation for Children Grades 1-6

Parents are the first and primary teachers of faith.  Through your witness, dedication, habits and traditions, your children learn the importance of a relationship with God and the community of the Church.  We are here to help you.

Register for 2020-2021 Faith Formation for Children in Grades 1-6

Classes are offered virtually this year, due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Registration is required for Faith Formation.  Click here to register.  
Weekly lessons will be presented online via the Flipgrid learning platform.  Directions to access Flipgrid will be provided once registration is complete.  Interactive back and forth communication between the students and staff will also take place by video.  Classes begin the first week in October.  Please register by September 25th.

One Child: $195.00 ________
Two Children: $215.00 ________
Three or more children: $235.00 ________
*Sacramental Fee per student:
(Only if child is receiving a sacrament)
$ 45.00 ________

Tuition covers costs such as books, curriculum, materials, supplies, insurance, visual aids, catechist workshops, etc. Tuition is to be paid at the time of registration. A payment schedule can be arranged, if necessary. If you need financial assistance please contact the office at 619-223-9748.

Make payment to Saint Agnes Church (In the Memo line please put Religious Education).

Saint Agnes Church
c/o Francine Sanfilippo
1140 Evergreen  Street    
San Diego, CA 92106

First Holy Communion

Our Sacrament program is normally a two-year program consisting of Level I and Level II.  Due to COVID 19 we will have all sacrament students receive their sacraments in one year.  Students must be in at least second grade to receive sacraments.
If you have an older child seeking First Communion or a child over 7 years of age who is not baptized, please contact Katie Treadwell, Director of Religious Education to discuss a sacramental preparation approach tailored to your child.

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Cancelled until it is safe to reopen.

Child Alter Servers

Children who are in grade 4 through grade 12 are invited to consider being an altar server.  Altar servers can be trained throughout the year as needed and are invited to serve at any of the weekend Masses throughout the year. 

 Please contact Maria Jorge for more information at 619-223-2200.

Jr. Gathering

The Jr. Gathering is our middle school ministry for 7th and 8th grade students.  Youth Nights are held in the St. Agnes Teen Center. For more information email our Youth Minister, Nicky Knuff at or visit


Gathering is our high school ministry for students grade 9-12. Youth Nights are held in the St. Charles Borromeo Parish Hall. For more information email our Youth Minister, Nicky Knuff at or visit


Our Confirmation program is designed to help our teens come to a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit, the teachings of the Catholic Church, and a Christ-centered lifestyle. Teens are eligible for Confirmation in high school.

For registration and information please visit or email

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